Numerous studies are linking social media use with high levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. So what can we do about it? How do we shift the narrative to be able to enjoy the benefits of social media without letting it control our lives or make us feel bad about ourselves? Watch this short Ted Talk with Bailey Parnell to learn how social media affects us and how we can craft an online experience that helps us to take the good

and leave the bad.

How to Practice Safe Social Media Use / Signs of Social Media Problems

If we are not thoughtful, our time on social media can become an issue. Here you can download helpful tips for teens (and adults) to practice safe social media use and to understand the warning signs for when we may have lost control of our social media sense.


Download our Social Media Discussion Guide with six key tips to begin and continue positive discussions about social media. Social media has revolutionized how we connect with one another and can play a positive role in our lives. However, it can also stir up anxiety. Teens, and the internet, are constantly evolving and growing. Begin – and continue – conversations about social media as often as feels appropriate.