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Teen and adolescent girls feel life’s pressures from all directions. Though anxiety is common among all age groups and genders, teenage girls struggle with anxiety more than any other group. The National Institute of Mental Health (2020 study) found that 38% of adolescent girls manage anxiety disorders, and this number does not even include the many girls who suffer without being diagnosed.

There are effective ways to manage and treat anxiety symptoms.
Below are five key tips to supporting girls on their journey to feeling stronger and better than ever. With knowledge and strategies, young women gain the tools they need to thrive.

Visit our website throughout the months of December and January as we add additional resources each week. Below are the 5 key tips we will build upon to help promote wellness.


Tips for Managing and Understanding Anxiety

  • When anxiety appears – ask yourself WHY?

    Tip: Identifying and understanding why you feel anxious can help you stay in control and manage overwhelming feelings.

  • I am not my anxiety.

    Tip: It’s important to recognize your anxiety may be a part of you, but it does not define you.

  • Self-care is not selfish.

    Tip: Find time for the activities that make you feel calm and happy.


  • Social Media can stir up anxiety.

    Tip: Consider how social media makes you feel. Ask yourself – how does this impact my life? Am I letting social media influence who I am or what I think?

  • Mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety.

    Tip:When you begin to feel stressed, pause and take a few slow breaths. Practice being present and grounded in the moment.


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